Sahand Saba

Sahand Saba

Google Software Engineer


Highly versatile and ambitious software and web development professional, with a very strong background in mathematics and algorithms, and excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.


University of Victoria GPAs are out of 9.0.

Jan 2013 - Jan 2015

Master of Science - Computer Science

University of Victoria

Graduated with GPA of 9.0 and Work Experience

Sept 2005 - Dec 2009

Bachelor of Science - Honours in Mathematics

University of Victoria

Graduated with Distinction, Work Experience, Minor in Computer Science, and GPA of 8.0

Work Experience

Mar 2019 - Present

Software Engineer


Software engineer working on G Suite infrastructure.

Apr 2017 - Jun 2018

Software Engineer


At Facebook I primarily worked on improving user experience in emerging markets. Some highlights are listed below.
  • Made significant improvements to Facebook's Android app start-up performance.
  • Led numerous optimization and feature development efforts for registration experience in emerging markets which led to significant inscreases in user growth in those markets.
  • Led efforts to understand and resolve market-specific issues in Myanmar and Vietnam and participated in on-the-ground research trips to those countries.
  • Worked on several projects that improved user experience for Facebook Marketplace usage in emerging markets.

Jan 2015 - Feb 2017

Software Engineer


  • Played a key role in an optimization initiative that led to major storage and CPU cost reductions across multiple Google product areas, in particular within advertising, search, and YouTube.
  • Led the design and development of a complex parallelized data analysis pipeline to mine for optimization opportunities and provide resource usage insight, and a front-end web UI used to report the analytics and insights.
  • Contributed to the development and maintenance of a key piece of Google's display ads serving infrastructure.
  • Played an active role in recruitment, interviewing over 50 candidates for software engineering positions and participating in universtiy campus outreach.

May 2014 - Sep 2014

Data Analytics & Web Development Consultant

Cognilab Technologies Inc. (Contract)

  • Led the design and development of the firm's online experiment editor using JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout, HTML and CSS for the front-end and Node.js and MongoDB on the back-end.
  • Created a data analytics and reporting component in Python.
  • Designed and implemented a domain specific language in JavaScript allowing for versatile dynamic behaviour in experiments.
  • Provided a security audit and a report on ways to improve web security, and helped with implementing the suggestions.
  • Created and set in place development team's Git workflow.

Sep 2008 - Dec 2014

Teaching Assistant

University of Victoria

Assisted in teaching the following courses:
  • CSc 326: Algorithms and Data Structures II
  • Math 300: Advanced Calculus
  • Math 362: Number Theory
  • CSc 115: Fundamentals of Programming II
  • Math 100 & 101: Calculus I & II
  • Math 110: Linear Algebra for Engineers

Key Skills

  • Algorithms
  • Python
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • MongoDB
  • Node.js
  • MySQL
  • HTML & CSS
  • SQL
  • Data Mining
  • Linux
  • Shell Scripting


  • 2012 University of Victoria's Outstanding Graduate Entrance Award
  • 2012 University of Victoria's Graduate Fellowship Award
  • 2008 University of Victoria's President’s Award
  • 2007 University of Victoria's Stephen A. Jennings Award
  • 2007 University of Victoria's Top International Student Award