My name is Sahand Saba. I am currently a Software Engineer at Facebook. Prior to Facebook, I worked at Google for a little over two years, and before that I was a graduate student at the University of Victoria, where I finished a master's degree in theoretical computer science under the supervision of Dr. Frank Ruskey. My master's thesis was on the use of coroutines for combinatorial generation.

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This blog is more of a hobby than anything. The posts are generally closely related to subjects I am either teaching or learning more about, or both. It also serves as a place to write about programming and mathematical problems and puzzles that I come across and find interesting, for example problems found in competitions such as ACM ICPC or Putnam. I will also be posting about programming experiments that I might do from time to time to test ideas, or just for fun.

Most of the code in the blog is in Python, Java, JavaScript or C++.